Print Job Spools than disapears


Mike Gray

Looking for some suggestions on a intermittent problem with
HP1220c printers attached to HPjetDirect 17X.

THe problem is that when a job is sent to the queue the job
spools once its spooled the job is removed from the queue
without printing. The printer attached to the queue is
online and is ready. The only way to fix the problem is to
stop the print service and restart it. There are other
printer queues (HP5000 on Jetdirects, Lanier Network
Printers, Lexmark network Printers) on the same server and
we dont not see the problem with them.

Any help would be apperciated.




Hey Mike:

If you are using Rip technology setup your box to have the print service
automatic. If not RAM may also be the issue, plus the size of your doc.
Instead of restarting the service have it restart automatically, check your
network path for the printer. The main problem sounds like the printer is
being directed to the wrong network path.




had this problem on a win 2003 network - the printer drivers installed from
the HP website were for a 1220c series printer- I changed the driver to 1220c
suttle difference but it prints!!!

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