Parallel Printer on USB Port



Hi there,

I have just bought a new computer running on Windows XP. It does not have
any parallel ports, only several USB ports.

My old printer is a Brother MFC 9060 with a parallel port. In order to
connect it with my new computer, I bought a cord that has one USB side and
one parallel side.

However, I cannot get my printer running. When I connect it to the computer,
I hear the typical sound for Windows recognizing a new hardware component,
but the installation process does not get far.

When asked to insert the Setup Disk, I find that on it there is no driver
for Windows XP as my printer is rather old.

I have downloaded from the Brother internet site a driver that is supposed
to get my printer version running on Windows XP. That driver download
contains only one file - an EXE-File, which is a self-extracting archive.
When extracted, there are no EXE-Files, just a number of INF, GPD, DL, and
INI files. With those files I have not been able to get my printer going.

Using the Add-Printer-Tool within Windows' "Printers and Faxes" program, I
have tried to set up the printer both on the USB port as well as on the LPT1

Could you please provide support as to how to get my printer running? Your
help is much appreciated.

Kind regards,



I use a long time USB/LPT adapter with no problems and printing is faster.
Buy that kind of cable!

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Thanks Adi,

I have a cable that has one USB end and one parallel end connected to both
my new computer and my printer. The trouble is, the printer is not working at
all on my new computer while it worked well with a parallel cable on my old
computer's parallel port.

Any ideas?



Did You install drivers that come with cable on CD (I get it 8 cm CD).

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