Parallel Port Based Printer Malfunction


James Buist

I have a shuttle xpc barebone system which has no external parallel port. It
seems to have an onboard one but this is not connected and has no external
I also have an old HP LaserJet 6MP - very reliable and solid printer that
has worked for years. Since upgrading the PC I have been unable to use it and
need now to solve the problem.

Initially I purchased and installed a PCI card with a parallel and two
serial ports on it. Its a NETMOS card and the drivers all seem fine. I have
one on another PC (in another country) and it works fine for the serial ports
(another Shuttle barebone without a serial interface) However, the printer
does not seem to respond at all when connected to the parallel port. The
lights flash a bit the first time I try to print but then nothing.

I then tried out a USB to parallel port cable. On XP it said there was no
need for drivers and came only with ones for Win98. It said it installed ok
but I couldn't see what device had been installed when checking the devices
manager. There are two IEE 1284.1 devices but they both seem to relate to the
USB based HP750 that does work fine. I have tried to use the LPT ports (all
of them) plus the USB virtual port for the printer but none seem to work. I
can't really see a way to isolate the problem.
The printer has been moved from HK to the UK but worked fine in HK and was
shipped in its original packaging and does all the self tests fine so I doubt
there is a problem there.

I just can't quite see what to try next to get this going. I really need it
now and its driving me nuts. Any clues would be much appreciated?

Many thanks

Alan Morris [MSFT]

configure the BIOS on the PCI parallel card for AT or ECP, I do not think
the 6MP works in EPP mode I might have EPP and ECP reversed so just try all

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
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