parallel to usb print for deskjet 710C



I have a new computer with only usb ports. Bought an adapter parallel to usb
cable but I cannot print. I manually installed printer onto the usb001 port
and it shows up as a printer but does not print. What am I doing wrong??? I
cannot find advice anywhere. HP & Dell tells me to buy a new printer. I like
my printer and I want it to work.

Alan Morris [MSFT]

if the machine is not a laptop, purchase a PCI parallel port card.

Make it simple, just one port.

I can only recommend the Belkin F5U002 since other cables I've tried where
not compatible with some devices. HP and Canon generally state the
converter cables are not supported.

The 710C has some host based stuff so I'd even be hesitant on recommending
the Belkin.

I don't think you are doing anything wrong but the printer is old and

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
Search the Microsoft Knowledge Base here:

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Thanks so much for the response. With the price of the PCI card and the
adapter cable I might as well buy a new printer. So much for trying to be


The converters may not work on specific printers. You may have some printer
driver options that can help. The options have to do with status replies
from the printer, and printer monitoring options.
Basically, the printer driver is setup as if it is a networked printer, and
all but basic handshaking is turned off. Some of the printers even require
that the status monitor module be taken out of automatic startup (however
it's accomplished)
The 710 is a fairly old printer. I'd bet that replacing it with a new lower
cost printer is the best option.

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