Apr 6, 2011
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Came across this forum and thought I would post my few experiences with OCuk.

some time in 2009 -

Ordered a bunch of things all showed in stock, 3 days passed and the order hadn't even been dispatched and they told me some of the items were out of stock (fair enough probably a system error, no one is perfect) I requested a refund since I was in a hurry, they told me no problem I should recieve the funds within 3-5 working days depending on my bank(normal practise). I then ordered elsewhere.

2 days later I come home from work and to my horror I don't have 1 parcel I have 2 thinking wth, one was from the other e-tailer I bought the items from which I was expecting but to my horror I open the second box and you guessed it overclockers sent the items.

After calling overclockers they then said well I don't have anything showing in the system saying you cancelled, I said well thats down to overclockers communication not down to me and can you please fix it they said thats fine they sent me an RMA number(I was really annoyed I had to pay to send it back to them which is actually in breach of DSR and or faulty goods but I didn't want to prolong this so I sent it back) Got my refund after a while but an annoying experience you don't need.

Now I have been using the overclockers forum for a long time and keep seeing praise etc etc and since I had free shipping I have been using them for a while with no problem but god forbid if any of your parts go faulty because my next 2 experiences did put the nail in the coffin.

Late last year I sent in a faulty graphics card blatantly faulty and tried in several systems if it didn't give me post error beeps it would boot without a display so being 100% confident it was faulty I sent it in for RMA and they said its not faulty I called asking for an explanation they told me they ran benchmarks on it for an hour so I thought to myself whatever send it back payed the £20 (£10 testing, £10 return) I got it back and same story so I then issued an RMA with EVGA who reported it faulty and even sent me a nice new GTX 460(this is after sending a faulty 260).

Last Week

Took the plunge out of greed since I came into some money and ordered an EVGA GTX 570 but life being the pita it is turns out I need to sort out my sister so I called overclockers the day it was coming to say I changed my mind about the order which under DSR is within my rights and the man on the phone was actually nice about it and just said that is fine when it arrives just refuse the order and when it comes back we will refund you. Case closed you would think, arrived wednesday refused as told by overclockers and thought money will be with me soon.

I had this delivered to my work address so Friday as I leave home for the weekend it arrived and a colleague signed for it, so Monday morning you could imagine my face when I see it thinking what in gods name are they doing do they even talk to eachother this is just like what happened back in 2009. Requested an RMA recieved the numbers monday night and sent it tuesday afternoon via special delivery and just gotta hope nothing else goes wrong.

Even got banned from that 5970 thread which was actually mentioned in a below topic, thats basically overclockers for you.

So I hate to say avoid overclockers I don't like to tarnish a company but it is there own fault and they havn't learned.

Go buy from ebuyer, top notch service - they even COLLECT your faulty/unwanted goods and I have never had any problems with them just sometimes those overclockers deals really catch your eye but you will pay more in the long run if the item goes wrong.

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