on screen keyboard on login



I need to know if there is any way to enable the language
in WindowsXP's login welcome screen, or the on screen

The problem for me is, I have bought a tablet pc, but it
is only in WindowsXP Prof. now without the keyboard, how
do i type my password to login? everything is fine after
logging into the account, just that the problem is at the
login screen. so anything that displays the language bar
(keyboard) or the default windows on screen keyboard.


No no no, you've misunderstood me. I have a tablet pc but
I'm not using the WindowsXP tablet pc edition (well it's
not given to me) I'm just using the WindowsXP
Professional, so how can I do it then? to display the
lauguage bar or on-screen keyboard?

Michael Solomon \(MS-MVP Windows Shell/User\)

You still need to discuss this with the tablet PC group as they should be
able to help you with this.

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