OffJet G95 hangs with one waiting document



How shall i take away one document who is first in the
printing cue ,and it´s not going to print it out or take
it away from printerproperties and the other document
which i try to print out is after the first one and its
not going to print them out either but i can take them
away,but the first document is still there even if i reset
the printer or start the pc over again ????



Brian Smither

I had this happen to me once. If I remember correctly, you need to find the
SPOOL folder in the System32 folder. Within SPOOL, there should be a
PRINTERS folder. In the PRINTERS folder, there will be one or more files
with strange names. Try to delete everything.

If you get a error message preventing you from deleting these files, try
rebooting in safe mode. Then try to delete.

Brian Smither

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