Notification icons disappeared


Karl Neumann

Notification icons, such as volume control and safely remove hardware, for
reasons unknown to me disappeared from the notification area in the task bar
and no longer load on startup even though they're marked "Always Show" in
the properties dialog box. How can I get them to show up again?


Chevron is missing:

For some users, setting the very first icon to Always Hide, restores the
arrow/chevron. Note: It does take time for it to become effective.

Icons are missing or disappear, reappear: This happens for most Auto-Logon

Methods/workarounds: Log off and Log back on, password protect your account
or disable SSDP and uPNP Services.

Disable SSDP and uPNP Services (Line 156)

Or if you are running XP SP1 uninstall UPnP from Add/Remove Windows

Hide or Show Inactive Icons in the Notification Area (Line 53)

Remove Past Items From the Notification Area (Line 53)

Once done, Open Task Manager, click the Processes tab, click Explorer.exe,
and then click End Process. In Task Manager, click File, click New Task,
type explorer, and then click OK.

The "Past Items" values are written to the registry as part of the user log
off process. This is why it is necessary to "crash" Explorer, so the system
will re-read the new values, and not retain the old ones that are already in
memory from a reboot.

Icons in the Notification Area May Disappear If You Use High-Contrast Color
Themes in Windows XP;en-us;q321213

Troubleshooting the Notification Area


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