systray.exe not displaying all icons



I'm having a problem with the display in my System Tray (aka Notification
area). It's worked fine since the computer was new (about a year) but
recently the Volume control has disappeared, as has the 'Safely Remove
Hardware' icon, which used to appear when I had a USB card reader attached.

I've also noticed that the Instant Messenger icon has re-appeared, although
I've done my best to kill it permanently. Other icons (notably BBC iPlayer)
are sometimes there, sometimes not, but that's not a big issue.

I've followed the procedure for re-displaying the Volume Icon (both in Task
Bar and Control Panel), and got it to reappear, but I cannot get the 'Safely
Remove Hardware' to re-appear.

Any suggestions to resolve these irritations, please ?

Rey Santos

'Safely Remove Hardware' icon, which used to appear when I had a USB card
reader attached.

If you insert your USB card reader back or any USB mass storage device to
your USB ports , does the icon appear? In my case it appears when I insert a
mass storage device on the USB ports like my USB hard drive and flash drive.


Well it certainly wasn't yesterday when I was downloading images using a card
reader. That's what prompted my first post. I've fiddled about since then,
and checking now it is showing both for my U3 stick and the card reader (when

So far so good, but it has this variability about it. Right now the BBC
iPlayer icon isn't showing at all, and the IM icon is 'hidden'. Having just
used the arrow to reveal the hidden icons, the arrow itself has now gone !

In Task Manager > Processes I looked for 'systray.exe', and don't see it. I
do have 'stsystra.exe'. Could that be relevant ?

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