SysTray - notification area problems



I am having significant problems with my notification area. I am aware of
how to set the properties of this area. I believe my solution is to rebuild
my system, but thought I would give a try here first.

Many icons do not appear in my notification area, even though I have set
them to show all the time. I look in my properties for customizing my
notifications, and I see something even a bit more frightening. The icons
assigned to the application aren't correct. For instance my iTunes
application uses the icon for add/remove devices. The icon for SKYPE is a
file folder. The icon for Yahoo email notification is the power icon. When I
reboot, this can change, and the icons are shuffled around once a again.

Is my registry having problems? Is there any way to fix this outside of
rebuilding my system? Are there any tools at all that may help determine if
my registry is corrupt? My computer still works, it is just a pain when the
icons are simply not present on one boot, and present the next time.


I would really like to have my 'safely remove devices' icon show up all the
time rather than some of the time. I just noticed after my latest boot, the
icon for 'safely remove devices' was a file folder and not the little green
icon it normally is(as seen in the notification area properties after you
right click the start button and choose to customize the notification area).
Again, I can reboot, and that icon will be back to normal, but other icons
will be screwed up. FYI, the icons that don't properly match the application
never show in the notification area. This means that if there is an icon in
the notification area, it really does what it is supposed to do, which is a
good thing.


I don't even see a ShellIconCache file anywhere on my computer, even in all
the hidden/system directories!



Never run scripts unless you trust the source


Looking at your script I see it deletes two registry keys then kills the
explorer process

Many machines block VBS scripts & unless you have registry rights it will
fall over too

The script doesn't set the icon cache size. While the OP is in the registry
doing that they may as well just change the others manually


You nailed this one Rhonda. Thanks heaps, you rock. It's hard to believe
that when you log off and log back on, something that simple brings back all
the icons.


That is what it does, it deletes all the icons and then you start fresh. The
script is safe and it works.

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