Notification area not displaying icons correctly


The Stoat

Hi all,

The notification area on my task bar is not displaying icons correctly.
When the 'hide inactive icons' is checked there are two arrows on the
notification area and when I click one to display the hidden icons the arrow
goes two the left leaving behind a series of vertical lines. When 'hide
inactive icons' is unchecked there are thicker vertical lines, the area is a
black or white block or it is simply transparent.

Any ideas anyone?

Thanks for any help,



Hi Matt,

Some info for you:

Icons in the Notification Area May Disappear If You Use High-Contrast Color
Themes in Windows XP;en-us;q321213

Hide or Show Inactive Icons in the Notification Area (Line 53)

Remove Past Items From the Notification Area (Line 53)


All the Best,

Taskbar Repair Tool Plus!!.htm

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