new avg 8.5 on the horizon



NEW AVG Product Releases

AVG Version 8.5
AVG 8.5, the latest version in AVG's security product family, is scheduled
for release March 2, 2009. AVG 8.5 has been developed for two primary

.. To create a platform into which we can integrate the exciting new
behavior-based malware protection and identity theft prevention technology
acquired with Sana.
.. To bring together and implement in a structured way a number of
performance enhancements that improve the stability of the product.

Features of AVG 8.5
In addition to the performance enhancements, the most notable addition to
the product family is the inclusion of the Sana technology, which has been
renamed AVG Identity Protection. AVG Identity Protection is a component of
the AVG Internet Security 8.5 home edition and will also be sold as a
stand-alone product. AVG Identity Protection offers users:

.. Advanced Real-time, continuous protection against identity theft
.. Protection against new and unknown threats that needs no scheduled updates
.. Quick and easy download, installation and use
.. Compatibility with security products from all major vendors
.. Free 24/7 support and service
.. Support for all versions of Windows Vista and Windows XP

Real-time, continuous protection
Traditional security products rely on signatures to protect users, which
works well when dealing with existing threats. AVG Identity Protection adds
a further layer of protection, spotting and blocking suspicious behavior by
applications on the user's computer on a continuous basis to protect against
new and unknown threats.

No need to remember to schedule scans or updates
Anti-virus and anti-spyware programs can no longer keep up with creating,
testing, and distributing signatures for the tens of thousands of threats
arriving in security labs every day. Because AVG Identity Protection works
by detecting and preventing suspicious behavior on a continuous basis,
there's no need to worry about the latest signature updates or scheduling a
scan every day. As soon as it'sinstalled, Identity Protection is on guard,
protecting users' digital assets against phishing and other identity theft

Easy to install and manage
AVG Identity Protection follows AVG's motto of 'tough on threats, easy on
users', taking less than 1% of the computer's processing power to provide
that continuous, real-time protection.

Community-based research
Like AVG's LinkScanner, AVG Identity Protection uses information about
threats uncovered by the software to improve its research and detection
capabilities. By installing AVG Identity Protection, users have the option
to join the community of customers who provide valuable feedback.
Participating users allow the data from their Quarantine and Allow decisions
to be automatically provided to AVG researchers; this data is completely
anonymous and cannot be associated with any individual user.

Pricing, Availability and Upgrade/Migration
Pricing, product availability and upgrade/migration from 7.5 and 8.0 details
are in preparation and will be made available in upcoming webinars and in
the AVG Reseller Center.

AVG Linux/FreeBSD Update
AVG for Linux/FreeBSD is also being upgraded to bring the product into line
with the 8.5 range.

The new AVG 8.5 for Linux/Free BSD product will offer:

.. New, streamlined scanning engine with heuristic emulator, expanded
detection within archive files, runtime unpackers, and improved malware
.. New AVG-developed REDIRFS-based on-access scanner
.. Dedicated process for every scan significantly improves reliability
.. Improved diagnostics tools and logging provide greater control and
.. Improved system resource handling through shared memory usage
.. Support for new multi-core CPUs and for multi-CPU architecture
.. Support for 64-bit architecture
.. A fully modular solution, isolating required restarts to affected modules
in case of problems

AVG 8.5 Server Edition for Linux/FreeBSD provides protection for both e-mail
and file servers in a single distribution package, robust enough to support
millions of e-mails a day.

Support for the following products will be phased out on April 30, 2009 so
we recommend you plan to upgrade your customers to the new version as soon
as it becomes available:

.. AVG 7.5 Anti-Virus for Linux/FreeBSD
.. AVG 7.5 File Server Edition for Linux/FreeBSD



Have you considered WD as an option? If not. Why not? Answers suitably
addressed on a SAE to ....... Stu. C/O P.O. Box 1897 ............




Stu said:
Have you considered WD as an option? If not. Why not? Answers suitably
addressed on a SAE to ....... Stu. C/O P.O. Box 1897 ............



it says it in what I typed:
they claim March 2nd but you never know

Stu said:
How far over the horizon is it? AVG 8.5!

You need to `tune in` to Stu`s SOH. ;););)



PABBUY. How are you ol` buddy? Don`t think RobinB is too impressed with my OT
comments - understandable. She won`t play after JA ;)

Did you see my response to your entry in Chaz`s thread on Online Community?


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