Trying To Uninstall Free AVG 8.5




This may not the proper forum for this question but if any one can
please help.

I am trying to download free AVG 8.5 uninstallation file on to my
computer to totally remove this antivirus. In attempting to do so I am
trying to download a removal tool. I am using a AVG tutorial that explians
this removal tool should be dowloaded and situated on to desktop in the form
of an icon where I double click on to continue the removal process.

The tutorial refers to this as part of the AVG uninstallation process
as "the installation package". But the tutorial does not go into the actual
downloading of the removal tool itself.

Within the tutorial itself this is AVG recommended way of
uninstallating Free AVG 8.5.

If anyone has any knowledge or has ever uninstalled Free AVG 8.5 in
this way can you please share a link or tell me where I could locate this
removal tool.

Thank you.


I'm not sure why you need an "ininstallation" file. Why not just go to
add/remove programs and uninstall it (AVG Free 8.5) the traditional way?

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