AVG 8.0 update Info



Ok i took the plunge for my avg pro with firewall 7.5 to 8.0
Because it is way different it took me a while to get my network up and
running again because it blocked it completely.
You have to "dig" into the firewall part of the program to get it to work
So far all is well but i will keep you informed
the below directions are for avg antispyware but you can use it for the full
suite of 7.5 also
and when the free version comes out you MUST uninstall both the antispyware
program and avg antivirus free first.

For those who have the pro version of avg antipsyware, avg antivirus, avg
internet suite the directions are below for you.
Also when you do install it make sure you uncheck the yahoo toolbar.
I found it was totally useless and it slowed down the browser

To update AVG 7.5 to AVG 8.0

Go to this website below


Enter your license number from the program

To get your license number:

(right click on AVG antispyware in lower right corner and click on

Click on the blue number and click on "Copy license code to clipboard" then
click OK

In the box on this website- put the cursor in the box and press the Ctrl V
keys and it should paste it into the box.

If this doesn't work- go at the top of the browser and click on "Edit" then

Click the button "Upgrade to AVG8"

It will show you the new license

Print this out- you will need this

Click on "Download your product"

and follow the instructions

Save the product to your Hard Drive

you should ask to have it emailed

Once it is downloaded- you need to uninstall AVG Free antivirus and AVG

Go to Control Panel/Add Remove Programs (in Vista it is "Programs")

Find in the list AVG Free Antivirus and click "Remove"

It might ask you for a reboot

If not reboot the computer anyway

Now go back to Add Remove Programs and remove AVG antispyware

Reboot Computer.

Now you can install the new AVG Antispyware.

You will need to enter the new license number

Pat Willener

There was a new version released yesterday; did you install the newest
version 8.0.85?

P.S. Did you have any issues with the Yahoo! toolbar that comes bundled
with AVG 8? I have read elsewhere that it can be unchecked during the
install, but it will install anyway.

Alan D

Curiously, I've still received no notification at all about the existence of
AVG 8 via the automatic updater (this is for the 7.5 Internet Security

I'm still sitting tight for a while. 7.5 works perfectly well, and they
still seem to have a lot of problems to work through with 8. Still, it's odd
that they haven't sent out the update info.


yes i waited for the newer version because they fixed the link system
Yes I did not install the yahoo toolbar because it has issues and it makes
the browser run slower and no it did not install. Do a custom install
instead of a typical install. That is what most found that doing it this
way the check mark stays off.

also if you use spyblaster you will find that there will be register keys in
"warnings" after the scan.
These are false positives
as you can see here http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=201843

I have alerted AVG about this
just ignore them and do not delete



they are not doing an update to the existing programs yet for a few months
to avoid bogging down the servers but if you want to take the plunge do it
the way i described here



also on vista

On some computers with Windows Vista, opening of websites can be greatly
slowed down when AVG WebShield is active. This behavior is in fact caused by
a problem in one of the Windows network drivers, and can be fixed by
installing the Windows update KB929547.

In fact when you install the program it tells you to exit the program and
put this on
I did and found no problems after installing this patch


Alan D

Thanks Robin that explains the lack of notification. But I'm in no hurry at
all, and am happy to let the story unravel while I stick with 7.5 for now.


when you do make the change, and want the manual let me know, i just wrote
one for avg 8.0 with spyware Pro, I plan on writing one with the firewall
when the free version comes out i will write that too but you can pick up
their manual at the website i gave you here
just put in your liscense number- at least you will have the new one when
you make up your mind on when to install it,
and when it goes to where you are going to download the software there are
tabs there for documentation and you can pick up the pdf manual to prepare
yourself for the new version



Robin..My free AVG has a notice on the front, new version 8 availeable, and
to just download it. I haven't done anything with it yet, will do it when I
have more time, but do I have to go thru a bunch of stuff, or just down load

Do I have to take out the old version after or before, or at all? Sorry for
all the quesions, but I don't want to screw it up. LOL I'll let you know
later how it went, if I don't mess things up.

Have a good day, and TTYL....:)


Grisoft thinks they are sneaky
You will see on all free versions telling you that there is a new version
only the new version that is out is the Pro versions only.
They should have been more clearer

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