multiple fax modems on windows server 2003 fax


Colin Bondi

I have a Windows Server 2003 box setup as a fax server and have installed
two USR faxmodems. The modem models are indenticle and they show up in
device manager as properly installed and working properly. When I go into
the 2003 fax service manager however it is only showing one of the modems,
it does not show the second faxmodem as an available device. Is there
something I have to do to get the second modem to show up as an available
device? Again the OS sees both modems and shows the drivers installed
properly and working.



Alex Feinman [MVP]

I remember that web edition is limited to one modem. Standard had also some
limitation but I can't find the page describing it anymore since everything
on is now about R2

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