Windows 2003 Faxing



Ater setting up and configuring windows fax server on a windows 2003 server
with two Multitech Modems type MT3334ZDX, the server will not send or
receive faxes. This server was a Windows 2003 SBS server that had the
Windows 2003 transition pack installed applied.

From the testing done, this is what I found out: When sending a fax, it will
not attempt to fax (the fax remains queued) unless the fax telephone line is
disconnected from the modem, then it will try to send the fax and then
report back line not available.

When trying to receive a fax, it will answer the line, but there is no fax
tone generated. If I turn off the receiving of fax, then the modem will
answer the call, generating a fax tone.

When I use Window's modem options to query the modems it communicates okay
with them.

If the fax line is connected to our old Rightfax system, it sends and
received faxes okay.

Any sugguestions would be greatly appricated.







I hope this helps:

I have a Multitech Modem and I had similar problems.
After a week of headaches I found an article that solved it.

Turn off compression on the modem and I think this will do.


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