FaxComLib Windows 2003 Server

Aug 12, 2008
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Hi All!
I'm working on a project which involves sending faxes from a Windows application. We are currently using FaxComLib to send the faxes and it has worked out very well so far. However we are getting request from the customer to be able to handle a device which is a multi-port fax/modem (I dont know the model and brand yet).
With the code we are using right now we are not setting any COM device id or anything else so my questions are:

1) Will FaxComLib be able to handle multiple fax devices? and
2) What will be the behaviour when you have multiple fax devices? (round robin?)

Our target setup is Windows 2003 Server running on Intel x86, 4GB RAM, 60GB hdd. .We are using .Net Framework 2.0.

Please help!

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