Can't send fax on remote Windows 2003 using FaxComEx API



I have a 2003 server, named ds9, with a fax modem attached to it.

I am using the following vbs script to send a fax through ds9 from another
Set objFaxServer = CreateObject ("FaxComEx.FaxServer")
objFaxServer.Connect "ds9"
MsgBox objFaxServer.ServerName & ", " & objFaxServer.MajorBuild
Set objFaxDoc = CreateObject ("FaxComEx.FaxDocument")
objFaxDoc.Body = "c:\temp\test.txt"
objFaxDoc.Recipients.Add "(123)123-4567", "test"

When I run this script on my XP Pro workstation, it runs fine.

When I run it on another 2003 server (an app server), Windows Script Host
gives this error:
Line: 7
Char: 1
Error: Operation failed.
Code: 800710D8
Source: FaxComEx.FaxDocument.1

This error might relate to not having a fax device installed (ms kb 841714).
I don't have a physical fax device on the 2003 app server, but I DO have a
fax printer configured for the shared fax on ds9, called \\ds9\fax.

I AM able to send faxes from the app server, through ds9, by printing to
"Fax on ds9" from notepad. The "Send a fax..." wizard also works.

The only thing that doesn't work on the 2003 app server is the above
FaxComEx script
(and the script does work from XP Pro).

Any suggestions?


Alex Feinman [MVP]

Could you try
set srv = CreateObject("FaxServer.FaxServer")
srv.Connect "ds9"
set doc = srv.CreateDocument("c:\temp\test.txt")
doc.FaxNumber = "1231234567"



I am having the EXACT same problem. My app server is also a win3k machine
and connecting to the faxserver, which also runs on a win3k machine. Only
thing I did not try is running my fax application from a non-server
machine like a Win XP machine.

Did you find a solution for it? A workaround would be to develop my app.
on a Win XP machine. But that’s the last resort.

Thanks a bunch
Oct 23, 2007
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Sending fax to a remote host (Windows 2003) using COM interface
worked for me after changing configurations on the server
(it probably needed to be initialized first, although printing to the network shared fax worked prior to that)

Go to Fax Service Manager\Properties\Outbox\.. edit Number of retries, etc.
If permitted, you can also configure the server remotely using FaxComExLib.

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