Unable to send the fax


Pavan Kumar

Hi ,,
I am working on windows 2003 and i am having faxserver installed.
I am unable to send fax through my code.
It simply opens a popup windows and the application hangs.
This doesnot happens when i am sending a tiff file.
If i am sending a txt file or doc file.This is happening
I am using faxcomexlib.dll .
here is my code

Dim objFaxDocument As New FAXCOMEXLib.FaxDocument
Dim objFaxServer As New FAXCOMEXLib.FaxServer
Dim objSender As FaxSender
Dim JobID As Object
objFaxDocument.Body = "c:\fax\fax1.txt"
objFaxDocument.DocumentName = "My First Fax"
'objFaxDocument.Priority = fptHIGH
objFaxDocument.Recipients.Add("5524772", "Bud")
'Choose to attach the fax to the fax receipt
objFaxDocument.AttachFaxToReceipt = True
'Set the cover page type and the path to the cover page
' objFaxDocument.CoverPageType = fcptSERVER
' objFaxDocument.CoverPage = "generic"
'Provide the cover page note
'objFaxDocument.Note = "Here is the info you requested"
'objFaxDocument.ReceiptAddress = "(e-mail address removed)"
'Set the receipt type to email
' objFaxDocument.ReceiptType = FAX_RECEIPT_TYPE_ENUM.frtMAIL
'Specify that the fax is to be sent at a particular time
'objFaxDocument.ScheduleType = fstSPECIFIC_TIME
'CDate converts the time to the Date data type
'objFaxDocument.ScheduleTime = CDate("4:35:47 PM")
objFaxDocument.Subject = "Today's fax"
'Set the sender properties.
objFaxDocument.Sender.Title = "Mr."
objFaxDocument.Sender.Name = "Bob"
objFaxDocument.Sender.City = "Cleveland Heights"
objFaxDocument.Sender.State = "Ohio"
objFaxDocument.Sender.Company = "Microsoft"
objFaxDocument.Sender.Country = "USA"
objFaxDocument.Sender.Email = "(e-mail address removed)"
objFaxDocument.Sender.FaxNumber = "12165555554"
objFaxDocument.Sender.HomePhone = "12165555555"
objFaxDocument.Sender.OfficeLocation = "Downtown"
objFaxDocument.Sender.OfficePhone = "12165555553"
objFaxDocument.Sender.StreetAddress = "123 Main Street"
objFaxDocument.Sender.TSID = "Office fax machine"
objFaxDocument.Sender.ZipCode = "44118"
objFaxDocument.Sender.BillingCode = "23A54"
objFaxDocument.Sender.Department = "Accts Payable"
'Save sender information as default
'Submit the document to the connected fax server
'and get back the job ID.
JobID = objFaxDocument.Submit("pavan")

MsgBox("The Job ID is :" & JobID(0))

any help is appriciated
Jul 9, 2005
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I am too unable to send fax

Hi Pavan,

I am too unable to send fax by using VB. Some Tiff files able to send and some files unable to send fax.
Pavan, If find soultion , Please share with me. Why the Tiff file unable to fax server?. Is there any wrong format in Tiff file?.

Please send your idea to (e-mail address removed), I need your help.


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