Problem with FAX - Windows 2003 SBS R2


Massimo Artini

Hi folks,

i've a strange problem with fax service. The machine is a Dell PE840 with
2Gb RAM and 2 Serial Modem supported by Windows CL.

When i try to send a fax from a client (the fax is shared) with multiple
recepients the service doesn't queue the faxes and no error are showed.

So after month of trying (and after activating all logs on all devices and
also changing modems), this evening i retry with procmon.exe active during
fax sending. (the sysinternals tool).

So! it works... if i trace the fxssvc.exe service during sending it work. I
suppose that during tmp queue file creation the service generate an error.
Infact i can see on procmon tracing several NAME DUPLICATED during creation
of file in queue.

Anyone know if there is a registry key or something else that can force
sleep during creation of multiple files in queue???

Thanks in advance.

PS. SBS is the italian version. Also i need to set the X3 AT command for the
modem directly in the registry cause the fxssvc service use everytime ATX4
that is not supported in european phone line.

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