Match It!



Several weeks ago I downloaded and installed the Microsoft Game (free
software from Microsoft) "Match It!". The Software runs fine. However,
after two weeks of being on my PC, starting yesterday, when my PC Boots up
The Folder "C:\Microsoft" (the folder in which "Match It!" is installed)
Opens on my Desktop...... I have looked in my
Start/ is not shown there, I have also gone into
msconfig....Startup.ini...I don't see anything in the list that would cause
this folder to load on every Startup of my PC.
i can stop the folder from opening if I delete the sofware, and Folder...but
then I no longer have the game.

Any ideas of why after two weeks of running Match It! with no problems that
on my PC Startup the Microsoft Folder where the Match IT! program is
installed Opens?

M Skabialka

A year ago I had a similar problem where it always booted to an Explorer
window in this folder:


I noticed in MSCONFIG that there was a line where there no program name or
path, just a check. When I took the check out the System32 folder didn't
open any more. But I wanted to find out what is was. I put it back.

In looking through
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run I didn't
see anything out of the ordinary so went to where there is a utility to find
out what is running and what runs at startup. In the file was an autorun
entry from the registry that said:
hpppt =

I went to the HP site and found a troubleshooting entry which said to delete
this registry key if the system32 folder opens for no reason at boot. In
Windows 98 this is a Parallel port test. I guess they took that out in the
Win2K/XP ScanJet program but didn't delete the registry entry. I deleted
the entry and this solved the problem.

Maybe you have a similar problem; and the web-site above may help you find

Good luck,


Dis you install anything just before this problem started? If so, then
whatever it is that you installed probably added an entry to the
Registry key indicated by Mich, above. And, that entry, for reasons
that are not always obvious, is causing the symptoms you describe.
Sometimes an entry is syntactically invalid (unmatched quotes, for
example), and sometimes (usually for long entries) it wants quotes even
though other entries work fine without them.

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