Excel ALERT a duplicate of the match of two cells in two different columns... please

Nov 16, 2017
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Hello I am astonished with what excel can make!
it has been 2 weeks now and I am really amazed that it goes way beyond the simple functions of sum and average.
I am a teacher and I need a sheet where it alerts the duplicates of a certain match of two cells in two different columns.

I have student names in column B. names are selected from drop down menus. (starting B2, and I add names as I go)
I have students alphanumeric codes in column E. (starting E2. they are selected from a drop down menu as INDIRECT of column D)

I want to create an alert if a match of student name and alphanumeric code is made.
Assume Student name is Adam, and student alphanumeric code is AD01
This would result in Adam in B2 and AD01 in E2.

I want to create an alert for any similar match in case it was entered again later on.

I have no clue where to start from.
Thanks for your help.

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