C# Skype silent connection

Feb 21, 2018
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I want to know is there any support which I can get from experts for the following project which I foresee it's coming soon on my table..

The project requires csharp windows form based application designing

It will pickup teachers Skype ID email address from a table in SqlServer
It will attempt to "silently" logon to skype account... Skype as per it's normal procedure will send a code on gmail account... It will automatically pick the code from incoming gmail... And enter the code into the Skype logon screen...that's why I name this procedure a silent connection to Skype..

Next step is to load into a dropdown the recently dialed Skype students contacts....
Let the teacher select the student from the drop-down ... Dial the student.... As soon as Skype connection is established then share the screen so that the training session can start..

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