Mapping a Citrix Drive to a clients local machine


Ryan Griep

How can I map a drive that is on my Citrix machine (a
network drive) to a clients local explorer... For
example, I have a user at point B and they connect to the
citrix server at point A... The person at point B needs
to look at the documents on a server that is located at
point A (lets call the citrix server "Citrix" and the file
server "File")... So, the citrix server is mapped to a
department drive on the file server(Example: Accounting
on 'File' (V:))... I want the client to be able to go,
after connecting to the citrix server, to THEIR, local
windows explorer and see "Accounting on 'File' (V:)"...
Is this possible?

Vera Noest [MVP]

While what you want is possible, it has nothing to do with TS or
Since you want a drive mapping on the clients desktop, you would
need to make the mapping locally, with something like

net use V: \\FileServer\Accounting

This assumes that the users have permission to connect to the
FileServer from their desktops in location B to the FileServer in
location A. If necessary, they can provide alternative logon
information with the "net use" command.

Why you want to do this is unclear to me. If the users already
have a Citrix session, and within that session already have the V:
drive mapped, why not start explorer within the Citrix session as

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