Mapping client drives


Kenton Nelson

I am trying to map local client drives to the terminal
server at login. When I go into the RDP-Tcp Properties
the Drive map is grayed out. And I can select to connect
client drives at login. Am I missing something?

Win 2000
No Citrix.

Thanks in advance,

Vera Noest [MVP]

Redirection of local drives is not supported natively on W2K TS.
That's why the option is greyed out. It will become active and
selectable when you install Citrix.
You can also upgrade to Windows 2003, which has this functionality
build-in, or try a freeware utility like TS DropCopy from
for file transfer.

Huei Wang [MSFT]

You might have group policy set,

gpedit.msc -> Local Computer Policy -> Computer Configuration ->
Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Terminal Services ->
Client/Server Redirection

and check "Do not allow drive redirection" policy.

Kenton Nelson

Found it!

Lookup Drmapsrv.exe and read about it. This is a util on
the Win 2k Resource kit that will let you map the drives.


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