Local Printer Settings not available on Terminal Server Windows 2003



Hi all,

I have 150 client connectin to a Windows 2003 Terminal Server. All client
are using Windows XP SP2.

Client has mapping printers HP LaserJet 2200, 2100, 1200 etc.
I have configured the queue an the print server with correct device settings
(paper size and etc.).
When the client connect printer to workstation windows XP, everything is ok.
But when the client logon to the terminal server all device settings are
returned to the defaults (i.e. Paper size - Letter).

All users login to terminal server and use *.MAN profile. If users change
printers configuration, the configurations is cached after 60 seconds on
users workstation.
I try to explain the situation:
If user login in to SESSION 1 and change settings, settings is cached on
user workstation.
When user logoff from Terminal server and login repeartedly, he connect to
SESSION 2. His printer settigs returned to the defaults.
But if he connect to Terminal server and connect to SESSION 1, his printer
settings is like cached settings.

Is there any way to ensure that the device settings are perserved for all
users and all SESSIONS?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Marius Greblikas


This might help:

Q. How do I keep my printer settings (such as A4 paper) from being lost
every time I log off?

A. After making the printer setting change, be sure to wait at least 60
seconds before logging off or disconnecting. See Terminal Services
Printer Redirection Not Signaled on Change to Server-Side Device
Settings Tab (243942). Also, be sure to wait for 60 seconds after the
redirected printer is created (after logon) before making your setting


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