Printer problem using terminal services




My clients are using win2kpro with network printers and internet printer
When they try to establish a session to the Terminal server, they are not
able to see the internet printer(eg. http:\\ --->it's a epson
dot matrix printer) that was added in locally to their pc.

Terminal services policy was set through GPO with the following settings:
start the program at logon c:\test.exe
connect client printers at logon - ticked.

Any idea how to solve this? Thks!


How do i check what version of remote desktop client i;m using?
What to download the latest version? If it's a driver mismatch problem,
then what can i do to solve this?



The Remote Desktop Client (A.K.A.Terminal Services Client) is named
mstsc.exe, so you can check the properties of that file to see the version.
The last two listed here work with network printers. You download these here:

5.0.2195 = Windows 2000 Server
5.1.2600 = Windows XP
5.2.3709 = Window Server 2003
5.1.2600.2180 = Windows XPSP2

Please read the info on my printing page, as there's too much to go over in
a few minutes. If after reading you still have questions, please post back
to this thread. Thanks.

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