default (client) printer on terminal server



Hi all!
I have a problem with Terminal Server.
I've an user that use Terminal Service to use a manage program on a remote
server, he need to print some documents from Terminal Server to him local
printer, with terminal server when is connect, local printer are virtual
connected on server, but we have a problem for default printer...
On client he have 3 printers (ActiveFax, Epson EPL-5900 laser and a
multifunction printer as default printer) on remote server are present 4
printer (ActiveFax, Epson EPL-5900 laser as default printer and other 2
printers), when the user is connected to server with terminal server,
ActiveFax and Epson EPL-5900 local printers are connected such terminal
server printers, and that's good, but sometime ActiveFax is the default
printer... I need that local EPL-5900 is always the default printer on
terminal server... What can I do?

Thank's for all and sorry for bad english

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