Joel Escutia

I currently have two vpn servers with Windows 2003 Server R2. One is a VM
Machine while the other is a physical server. Each server has one nic
configured with a local ip,local dns,and local gateway(Netgear Router)
assigned. The main site has port fowarding enabled directed at the vpn server
and has local network id of The remote site has port fowarding
enabled directed at the remote vpn server and has local network id of All certicates are installed on each machine and the demand dial
interface is up and running. From the main site vpn server i can access the
remote network resources and vice versa. The problem i have is that these two
servers are the only ones that communicate with each other. For example, on
one of the main site computers i try to ping the other network and i get no
response nor can i access shares. Like i said before, each server has one nic
installed and have direct access to their perspective networks. There are no
permitter networks on each side. The basic network setup is router with port
fowarding of UDP 500 and UDP 4500 ports to the vpn servers. What i want is
for every computer on both networks to be able to acess each others
resources. I suspect it's because i have one nic installed on each vpn
server. Can you guys please help?


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