Sharepoint Site access over VPN




I am student intern.I have created sharepoint site on port 80.I can access
site using remote desktop,then enter the path of that site,it will ask user
name and password.I can login.

I am on network for same company i cannot access that site it give error in
Firefox"Local security authority cannot be contacted", in IE it give HTTP 500
ERROR and some tiles HTTP 401.

I access from Laptop i can ping that server on network.But i cannot access
with out Remote desktop.Also when from my home i acess over VPN,then open
browser and type path for my site i cannot access that site.

Issue here is we have many user and remote desktop permits ony two users.How
can i make my site access over VPN.

I appreciate if i can get some help as i do not have any resource on
sharepoint in my company.

Thank you!!

Arvin Meyer MVP

Your question may be better answered in a newsgroup appropriate to your
problem. I'd try a SharePoint newsgroup. This newsgroup is dedicated to the
Microsoft Access database product. The Microsoft website may have
misdirected you.

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