Restricting User Access In Access 2010 Sharepoint With Hydrated Database



I am starting to use Access 2010 publishing to sharepoint to allow users touse hydrated accdw database copies on laptops. They can run the apps disconnected from the internet and when they open the appnd are connected to theinternet, they can log in and sync both directions.

I am using an Office 365 P1 acount and will share the database with about 10-12 users in multiple countries.

Several questions:

1) I only want the users to utilize the accdw application and not directly use the tables shown in Sharepoint. Is there any sharepoint restrictions I can implement to restrict the users ability to directly use the tables shown on the sharepoint web site?

2) I wish the accdw would function more as an MDE where the user cannot change things. I know I can start the database without the object interface being available. I can likely use the same capability to disable the use of the left shift key when opening.
a) can I also revise the ribbon to omit the edit and design commands?

b) other ways to lock down the accdw to make the user only have the abilityto access the data via the application itself and not be able to change the code?

3) I know how to invite users to have access to the sharepoint site
a) Is it better to email the accdw as an attachment rather than introduce the user to the web site and give detailed instructions to download the accdw? It would seem so and also not introducing them to the web interface.

b) Is there any easy way to link users non-MS live email addresses to Live accounts other than giving them step by step instructions with screen images?

4) How do I back up the app once published?
If I need to revert back to a backup, how do I get everything resynced?

5) Other suggestions/best practices for such an environment.

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