Add field to Access view of Sharepoint database



My company has a project database in Sharepoint 2007. There is one record per
project. I have no control over the Sharepoint database. I set up a personal
Access 2007 database (on my C:Drive) to view and update the Sharepoint data.
I want to add a comments field associated with the project record in my own
Access database for my personal use. However, the table design is frozen
since it's Sharepoint. How can I add the personal comments field and keep it
linked to the project record?


sure that's a simple 1:1 table relationship

make a local table; include a field that is the cross referencing ID to the
other table from sharepoint...

make your comment form sourced on your new table and make it a subform with
the linking on that cross referencing ID - should work great.

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