Macro for Sharepoint List and another Table?? Same # records?



I am creating a database which we have a form made up of prepopulated data
(from a sharepoint list) and also data input needed by a user (for example,
comments, etc.).

I have two tables: one sharepoint list that is linked to sharepoint website
and another table that houses the additional user inputs [table 2]. I have
linked the files based on the primary key. So, every record in my table 2
has a plus sign and it will expand and you will see the linked data from the
sharepoint list.

Is there a way that I can automatically create a record for every
corresponding record from the sharepoint list. As the sharepoint list may
have 5 records, I'd like the table 2 to also have 5 records.

Currently I have to manually go into table 2 and create the additional


Arvin Meyer [MVP]

You should be able to do that be sync'ing your Access table with the list.
As you add or change data to either, it appends or updates the other.

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