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I've posted this to the SharePoint list but that list isnt nearly as
active as this is, so I thought I'd ask here too..

I have a table in SharePoint 3.0 populated with lots of data and I
have found that i need to change a column from Type Single Line of
Text to Number. I open the table in design view on the SharePoint
site, click on that column to change its properties but it doesnt
allow me the option of changing the type.

Of course had I wrote the table in the begining this would have never
happened... LOL, ok fine, ya got me. But rather than create a new
column, populate it with the old data, change my type to number and
then delete my old column, is there a way of doing this easily?

WSS 3.0 as the back end. MC Access front end...


Arvin Meyer [MVP]

No, that's the way to do it. As with most databases, you need to create a
new column, move the data and delete the original column. Access actually
does that to, but "under the covers" so you don't really need to deal with
the specifics. Some things it cannot do. For instance, in Access you can
change a field from autonumber to straight long integer, but you cannot do
the reverse. You can, however, create a new autonumber field and populate


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