MS Access 2007 and SharePoint 2007




I have an access database which I would like to store in a document library
on a SharePoint site. I don't wish to have any SharePoint lists linked to
tables in the database but I would like to allow users to open/edit the
database and save changes back to the document library.

The 'move to SharePoint' option in MS Access creates loads of SharePoint
lists (which I don't want). Saving the database to SharePoint doesn't allow
me to edit the database without saving a local copy (it says it will only
allow me to change data in linked tables).

Opening the document library in 'Explorer view' does allow me to edit the
database as normal but I'd rather not have to get my users to use this
option. Creating a link to the file through webdav also does the trick but I
would have to create a list with links to every database.

Is there an option allow me to save the database to a SharePoint document
library and simply open and use it as normal.



when one moves their Access db to sharepoint - - (not creating Lists with
linkage) -- then it is then within the sharepoint universe in terms of being
a collaborative application manager and the Access file is managed like any
other file/application such as a Powerpoint, Word or Excel doc....

so really your question is a sharepoint question - - but in terms of doc
mgmt capability of sharepoint I believe one downloads the file, modifies it,
and returns it to SP

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