Access 2003 and Sharepoint



My company is moving most of our files into Sharepoint -- however, it
seems no one could explain how Sharepoint is going to affect our
current Access database.

Can someone please enlighten me regarding Sharepoint and how it will
benefit us if our Access database is stored in it? Will it make
accessing the database faster through our network? Right-now our
database is stored in a network drive and depending on where we are
located from the server -- it may take long to accesst the data.

Or any sites that will help explain the process of Sharepoint.

Thank you,

Arvin Meyer [MVP]

You cannot store your Access database in Sharepoint. Sharepoint is a flat
file list similar to Excel, but with a web interface. You can create
Sharepoint lists that update Access tables, and visa-versa, but there is no
way to enforce referential integrity. Actually, my experience with
Sharepoint is that it is significantly slower than Access on the LAN, but
there are some advantages. Sharepoint files can be accessed over the
Internet, Access files require either a web interface or a Terminal Server
to do that without Sharepoint.

If you are having performance issues with Access, I'd suggest you implement
some or all of the procedures at Tony Toews website:


Thanks Arvin.

That's a bummer tho' :( about sharepoint and Access. But, the link you
provided has some good pointers I haven't tried yet. Thanks again

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