L2TP IPSec error 789 & 792


D Rasmussen

Currently trying to implement L2TP IPSec on RRAS. Remote clients report they
receive error code 789/792 when they try L2TP type of connections. PPTP
remote clients report no problems connecting. A Client computer on the LAN in
a different subnet, can connect to the RRAS server WAN port with L2TP IPSec
without a problem. Using a preshared key for L2TP IPSec.

The perimeter router has IPSec passthrough, L2TP passthrough enabled as well
as single port forwarding of UDP port 1701 packets.

RRAS server has PPTP L2TP, ESP, AH filters enabled with allow connection.

At a lost as to why L2TP IPSec times out with error 789 and/or 792.

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