How to use NETSH to delete PPTP/L2TP ports?


Taed Wynnell

We unwisely created our many Windows Server 2003 machines with the VPN
Server role and with PPTP and L2TP enabled in RRAS. I want to now remove
that role and/or those port configurations programmatically (probably via
the command line) for security reasons.

NETSH seems like it should be the way to do it. However, I can't find any
NETSH hooks into the PPTP and L2TP ports.

To do what I want manually, I would go into RRAS Admin, right-click on
Ports, select Properties, select the protocol, click Configure, unclick the
"Remote access connections" and "Demand-dial connections", and then OK out
of it.

I still want to keep the machines as RAS dial-in servers, but don't need
PPTP or L2TP enabled on it.

I want to do it programmatically because there are a lot of machines that I
want to remove this from.

Any suggestions? (Thanks in advance.)

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