L2TP Question



Hello everyone
I've in my DMZ segm. a domain controller and i need it to allow incomming
l2tp connections through rras server, in my Lan segm. i've already a rras
server accepting L2tp connections and i also have a Enterprise CA that
provides certificates to users. Now i'm undering if i can install a
certificate from my lan CA to the Dmz rras server to allow l2tp connections.
If yes what kind of certificate do i need to install in my dmz rras server
and where do i need to place it.

In my Dmz server
I already have a websertificate to delivery smtp (mails) secure to my lan
exchange server and my exchange server relays mail through my dmz server
using his certificate, i also have a user certificate installed in my dmz
server to make l2tp connections to my lan when needed.
Now my gold was to my laptop users could connect to my dmz server from
internet but with L2tp connection, now they only can connect via PPTP.

Best Regards.

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