Problem connecting OSX and Vista Clients to Win2k3 L2TP VPN Server



I have an existing Win2k3 L2TP VPN server using RRAS. Pretty much a default
setup with a access policy to only allow people to login if they are part of
a specific VPN group I setup in Active Directory.

Computers joined to the domain automatically receive computer certificates
and can VPN in fine. I have a seperate certificate for trusted Macintosh
computers to VPN in.

The problem is that when i set it up to and try to connect from a Macintosh
OSX computer, it just gets stuck on "Contacting VPN Server". I tested
connecting with PPTP and it works just fine. I also tested the certificate
with a WindowsXP system not joined to the domain and it connects to the VPN
server just fine.

I also can't connect from a domain joined Vista Enterprise system that has
the proper computer certificate.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any help!


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