VPN server without domain controller

Sep 23, 2017
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hey guys i need your help

so this is the case

i have a domain controller (DC01) windows server 2016 standard, ]

VPN server (VPN01) windows server 2016 standard

client windows 10

Roles installed :

VPN01: Remote access (VPN)
the domain controller has 1 nic (vmnet 1)

the client has 2 nic's (vmnet 1) and (vmnet 2)

the vpn server is not domain member and got one nic (vmnet2)

the client is domain member of the domain controller. (they are both connected to each other with (VMNET 1)


i want to my client to connect to the vpn server without being in the domain

is this possible?

this may be a stupid question with broken English, sorry bout that :)

i would appreciate your help.

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