L2TP VPN connections



I am trying to setup a VPN server to use L2TP connection.
I have gotten it to work with Shared secrets, but when I
attempt to get it to work with Certificates it fails. The
failure message normally the security negoiation timed out
or the server did not respond. I am not sure that my
certificates are working properly.

My test system is setup like this.
- 2003 server running RRAS as a VPN server.
- The same server has Certificate Services running as
a Stand Alone Root. (The final use of the VPN will
be for non domain clients)
- I have a Server authentication certificate on the VPN
- A Client certificate on the client
- The certification path is installed on both systems.
- The CA is in the trusted Root on both systems.

What am I missing? I have read more white papers than I
want to admit and can not find a good setup procedure.





To have the correct certificate for l2tp in the client you must verify
the following settings

In the console for local Machine certificate verify
1- in the trusted root certification authorities your CA enterprise
appear, if no import the CA certificate root
2- In personal you should have at less a certificate that proves "your
ID entity to remote computer" if not request one from the CA.

I suffer the same problem than you, I did it and I fix my problem.

L2TP client doesn't look for an User certificate, it use the computer

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