DNS Site -to- Site VPN - WAN



We have 3 different sites all in the same domain. Each of the 3 sites is has
a unique network ID. 100.100.100.x, 172.16.0.x and 192.168.1.x. Each site
has a domain controller, a dns server, a dhcp server, and each of the
databases within dns in each site list the names and ip addresses of each
computer at each site. The three sites are connected over a WAN VPN via a
cisco asa at each site.

We are adding 3 additional sites, 172.16.10.x, 172.16.11.x, and 172.16.12.x.
These three sites will not contain a DNS server or a domain controller. The
users in these three sites do however have domain user accounts and will be
able to access resources.

If I am logged into a computer at the 172.16.0.x site, I can ping, by IP
Address, any computer at any of the two other sites. I cannot ping by name.
The same thing happens at each site, i cannot connect to a computer by name,
only ip address. I would like to identify computers at each site by using
name rather than IP Address.

Thanks for helping.

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