Certain routers and switches are not accessible through VPN.

Sep 7, 2012
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Hi PCReview community,

I have a hardware VPN tunnel (one Netgear, another MikroTik) and am having some issues accessing equipment, specifically routers and switches.

Site A
Hardware: Netgear FVS318v3
Local IP Subnet:
Remote IP Subnet:

Site B
Hardware: MikroTik RB750
Local IP Subnet:
Remote IP Subnet:

I have a few D-Link devices behind the Netgead and MikroTik VPN routers at the sites. Mainly devices configured as switches and APs. All use the VPN router as their DNS server and are all on the same subnet as the VPN router.

I have trouble accessing the web interfaces and pinging these devices over a VPN connection. However, the connection is established and I can access the servers and remote VPN router on the other side.

But here is the weird part. At site A, I have four DI-520s configured as switches (DHCP turned off, but web management turned on.) Locally, from within site A, I can access those switches web interface and ping them, I can also access the one DD-WRT AP (in AP mode) I have set up. But from Site B, over VPN, I can access (ping and web config) only one of those DI-524s and I can access the DD-WRT AP as well just fine.

Windows Workstation >> Belkin AP >> Site B (, IPSEC MikroTik) >> The Internet >> Site A (, IPSEC Netgear) >> D Link DI-524 (attempt to ping or access web config page)

Result ^^^^ host is unreachable, just can't find it. Sometimes a timeout though.

From site A, it's the same deal... I can't access Site B's Belkin AP (ping or web config). But it's accessible locally just fine.

Any ideas? Port forwarding? NAT issue? Tried, no success.

Any help much appreciated, thanks.
Brian D.

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