Configure Kaspersky Pure to let shared folder to be mapped via VPN

May 13, 2005
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Hi Experts

I have got a laptop and Desktop both of them have windows 7 ultimate OS and both of them have Kaspersky Pure V9.1
0.124 ( b ).

At home from the laptop I can access a shared folder on the desktop with no problem

I tried to enable the access to the shared folder over the internet while the laptop away from home, by implementing a VPN.

I have successfully managed to configure a VPN IPSec between home router DrayTek 2820Vn that acting as VPN server, and the laptop that has TheGreenBow VPN client.

Through VPN tunnel laptop can ping the ip address for the router and the ip address for home printer and the ip address for home desktop , all of those are located at the other end of the VPN tunnel.

And I can access the web interface for the router as well by typing its private ip address.

On the laptop and through the VPN tunnel I tried to map the shard folder on the desktop (\\desktopipaddress\SharedFolderName) , but it didn't work!!!.

when I existed Kaspersky on the desktop , I was able ping the desktop and to map the shared folder which is hosted on the desktop

How can I configure Kaspersky to let the the shared folder to be mapped via VPN ?


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