iSCSI Initiator Logo - planning questions




I am test planning for iSCSI Initiator HBA.
Part of the product requirements are MS WHQL Logo.

I have a few questions for anyone familiar with this test.
Any help is appreciated.

(1) What external devices are required for test?
i.e. I assume iSNS server, iSCSI target, tape library, target that
supports redirection, more?

(2) Conversely to question 1, what tests are run with Test Manager as
"other" device?
i.e. ping test, others?

(3) Some tests state they are to be run from local computer (i.e. ping
test). Are all tests run local?

(4) If some tests are run local and some are run remote, does each test
generate a log and then all logs are packaged together?

(5) When viewing HCT 12.1.1 Online help, I see some good info for test
setup. But for a large number of tests there is no setup info. Instead,
there is the statement...

"The setup information in the WHQL Test Specification is preliminary.
For the complete procedures and requirements that you need for this
test, see the sections in the current Hardware Compatibility Test (HCT)
documentation that describe your device or system category."

But I do not see any setup info in the "Microsoft Windows Logo program
requirements 2.2.1a" doc, or "Designed for Windows" Requirements for
iSCSI Hardware...HBAs" doc, or even in the HCT Test Manager itself. My
question is where is this updated information located?

Thank you,

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