List of WHQL certified iSCSI targets?




I am looking for a list of WHQL certified hardware.
More specifically I am interested in iSCSI target hardware that has
passed iSCSI HCT testing and / or Cluster testing.

I know cluster using iSCSI is pretty new...looking for a certed target
that can be used to test an initiator for same. Hoping to eliminate any
issues from the target side so I can concentrate on possible initiator
issues to prepare for test.
Are any of the Netapp Filers that support iSCSI certified?

I have done a little searching, but do not see this.
I do see generic designed for WinXP listings...hoping for Win 2003 or
Win 2000 and specifics for iSCSI target/cluster as described.

Any lists or links to same are appreciated.
Thanks for any help on this!

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