MSFT's iSCSI Initiator



Hi all and thank you in advance for any help you can provide. I have a
Windows Server 2003 server with dual 1-Gigabit NIC. Both NICs are directly
connected to the corresponding dual 1-Ggbit NICs of my iSCSI target (this is
a test setup). In the Available Targets tab of the iSCSI Initiator I have
the 2 IP addresses of the target, but I'm not able to open an active session
between the initiator and the target. Curiously, I can access the target
thru IE by typing the any of the 2 IP addresses; however, I'm not able to
ping either IP address from the command line. Any ideas as to what's going


Ed Horley

Can you provide some output from the command line?
ipconfig /all
route print

Then if you can provide the IP addressing of the iSCSI target then we might
be able to help a little more. I would be taking wild guesses given the
info you have put out so far.

Ed Horley
Microsoft MVP Server-Networking

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