Is my CPU too slow? High CPU Usage



I have a P4 Celeron 1.8 GHZ w/ over 700 mb of ram running XP Pro
Service Pack2. I noticed sluggishness when I started using the new
Yahoo Beta. My CPU usage was around 100% when scrolling in Yahoo Beta.

Next, I noticed heavy static and cutting out using Skype or other VOIP
type software. I clicked on task manager and usage was 100% during the
periods of static and quality issues. I am running high speed internet
at around 4800 kbps, so know my internet is not to blame. I don't
usually use Skype with any other apps running. I even disable my

My system idle process can vary from 68-75%, with CPU usage of around
27%. I have checked for spyware and other malware/viruses I am clean.

Just wondering if my CPU is too slow? Or something else is going on?





Look at CPU usage when using skype. If CPU usage is high during those times
then it is struggling to keep up. A celeron is a slower processor than a
genuine Pentium. It doesn't have the same cache memory built in. You will
always be better of with a genuine Pentium. You might find a 1.8 celeron
just isn't cutting it thease days. Don't look at the minimum specs to
determine if a processor is up to the job look at recommended then add a bit
for longevity.

You have a reasonable amount or RAM so assuming you dont have massive
amounts of programs running, it is the CPU doing its job that slowing you
down and a faster one might be needed.

System idle is the processor doing nothing so system idle of 70% means your
processor is doing 30% work.

Sysinternals has some good tools to help id processes.

Process explorer

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