high cpu using simple graphics!



Hi All ("got no replies in help_and_support so thought I'd try

I've an old Ei SYSTEM 4415 notebook from dixons that I'm preparing for my
But I can't seem to get it to run as I'm sure it must be able to

WinXp Home SP3 (fully updated from win update)
System model: 755IX
Intel ® Celeron ®
CPU: 2.40ghz
1GB of ram (which I've just upped from 256mb)
HDD: 30gb (15.4GB available)

The OEM amibios has very limited options.
I did want to install the latest bios but gave up after discovering there
was no support from dixons
For manufacturer board details etc etc.

Anyhow I hoped the 256mb to 1GB ram upgrade would speed things up,
especially loading web pages, but I found it was actually the graphics part
to blame after running wmp with visualizations on. This used 100% CPU on
such a small task.

I went and installed the latest graphics driver for my Intel graphics
controller from their old catalogue.
Of course this was not from dixons support as stated above, but it was
slightly better on the on the CPU
Usage, but still when watching you tube clips (low res) it stutters (no
chance of HD playback)

Q.Without installing new internal or external graphics card; is there
something I can do about the excessive CPU usage when running visuals?

Other info
No problems in device manager between installs
DX diag ver 9.0c reports no problems on both drivers when installed

DX Diag notes compared
Original GFX driver supported agp
Latest GFX driver doesn't (but less cpu intensive)

Original GFX driver
Min. Graphics Memory: 8 MB
Max. Graphics Memory: 64 MB
Graphics Memory in use: 12 MB

Latest GFX driver as above except
Graphics Memory in use: 6MB! (but less cpu intensive)

Original GFX driver
Page File: 435MB used, 857MB available
Latest GFX driver
Page File: 335MB used, 957MB available! (what happened to the 100mb

My page file settings
Processor adjusted for programs
Memory adjusted for programs
Total page file size for all drives 372mb
Maximum size 1522mb
( I changed the initial size 372 to 1522mb, rebooted and it didn't seem any
better so changed it back)
(changed to system managed and Memory adjusted for system cache, but
changed back for better performance)

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